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Believe in Quality, Reliability & Visibility

“Infotec is proud of its long history of reliability and support within the rail and bus sectors along with its record of innovation and design in retail and other markets…”

Over the years, Infotec has provided over 10,000 electronic information displays to the rail and bus sectors many of which are still in service well beyond their expected 10 year life spans. Reliability and support are the two qualities that our customers say they most appreciate about Infotec’s products, services and employees.

Infotec believes that good products and services start and end with the customer. As a company, Infotec listens to and learns from its customers; this drives its desire to constantly improve its products, ensure its services exceed customer expectations and that its staff are properly supported to to ensure they understand and meet these needs.

Case Study: Kent & Medway Bus Shelter Displays

The delivery, location and content of transport information has been revolutionised in Kent and Medway with help from Infotec’s AIM system.

Infotec has supplied Kent County Council and Medway Council with 137 displays running its AIM system which takes information feeds from a number of different sources and delivers them together to single displays.The bus real time information comes from Envitia’s Urban Traffic Management and Control System Cutlas; RSS provides feeds for news and weather and the Councils can directly input special messages. AIM then displays this information at bus stops.